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Road season is here! For anyone who doesn't know what I mean by that, I happen to date a competitive cyclist who just started racing road this year. Prior to these new adventures for 2014, we spent last fall/winter traveling around Georgia for a different type of cycling called "cyclocross." 

Our first stop for this season was Greenville, NC where we spent the weekend waking up at 5am, making delicious food, getting lost and of course - racing bikes! While Zach (the handsome man I referenced above) is zooming through the course, Sweetpea and I get comfy on our blanket to watch. Well, watching when Sweetpea isn't escaping off her leash - yeah, that happened. The first day was nerve-racking because we weren't sure what to expect but it was a great opportunity for Zach to feel out the strategy behind this new type of racing. With Saturday behind us, we made our way out Sunday morning for round two. A new course and 22 miles later, Zach managed to feel it out enough to place 2nd!

While the bike part is fun, we still made sure to stop through downtown Greenville to grab food and coffee before heading back to the lake house where we spent some time fixing the dock, playing fetch with Sweetpea and cooking delicious food (something new for us!)

Thanks for checking out our adventure - until next time!

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